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During its first decade, CRS Companies founded and built Concrete Repair Services, LLC, a multi-state Foundation Repair and Waterproofing services group that became one of the industry’s largest and most respected operators.

We use the best and most effective techniques for special repairs and cracks. Rod holes, “honeycombs” (when the rocks in concrete settle in one area, allowing water to pass through the wall), beam pocket leaks will be treated with the utmost care and expertise. Our specialty is structural wall repair. We can repair any problem that involves the severe cracking or movement of a wall and/or footings under the wall. We are dedicated to using the appropriate techniques approved by the Concrete Institute of America.

A large and well-maintained fleet of equipment is available to handle any size project. We are insured and state licensed.

An investment strategy firmly focuses on expansion within existing industries, brings new vitality to acquired businesses, and lays the groundwork for new ventures compatible with CRS Companies recognized management strengths and ample financial resources.

By design and tradition, CRS Companies is receptive, accessible and able to react quickly.

Layers of decision-making do not exist within our structure. We begin with a focus on what can be done to become more successful, not on how to maintain the status quo. Consequently, we are prepared for and are comfortable with long range planning horizons, in contrast to the quarter-by-quarter success meter so prevalent in many companies.

CRS managers are encouraged to take intelligent risks. We are not adverse to entering new ventures, approaching each opportunity on a case-by-case basis and assessing the risk tolerance with anticipated reward.

Reliance on management with industry expertise and retention of the talent in acquired companies are points of distinction in our growth strategy. Great people with extraordinary ideas relate well to our way of planning and allocating capital. "What do you need from us to grow and improve your business?"

Some might mistakenly equate our rustbelt origins as a handicap. On the contrary, our first-hand experiences enable our management to be knowledgeable both in the boiler-room and in the boardroom. Some of our piers might be larger or more visible on Wall-Street's Radar screen, but few possess our skill set, our trust in one another and our rationale in looking beyond the balance sheet for the right individuals and the right ideas.

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