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  • Pressure Welding of concrete/epoxy systems
  • Pressure grouting-waterstops/urethanes
  • Structural dowling/underpinning
  • Inspections of foundations and above grade envelopes
  • Moisture detection for epoxy overlays and envelope
  • Core testing of concrete
  • Straightening foundation walls to tolerance
  • Geosynthetic exterior waterproofing
  • Concrete cutting/windows/brick ledges
  • Soil stabilization/erosion control
  • Mud jacking/cementitious/chemical
  • Foundation lifting
  • Foundation replacement total/block/poured
  • Meditation with contractors, structural engineers and inspectors
  • Waterproofing of water retention substrates
  • Chemicalproofing of chemical retention substrates
  • Interior and exterior drain tile systems installed
  • Bleeders snaked and cleaned
  • Drain tile systems tested for hydraulic pressure
  • Textured spray coating interior/exterior

Basement Waterproofing:

  • Standard damp-proofing (18 Month Warranty)
  • CRS Companies 5 Year Warranty Waterproofing

DELTAŽ-MS Lifetime Warranty Waterproofing


Crack Repair

  • Speed Patch - A low cost, but not very effective repair. The repair uses cement like material over the surface of the crack, mainly used on dry cracks as a cosmetic repair.
  • Vulkem Patch - A medium cost, medium effective repair. The repair uses a Silicon type product, applied to the prepared surface around the crack.
  • Epoxy or Urethane Injection - The most effective way to repair a crack. The repair uses epoxy or urethane based products, that is injected into the entire crack, using techniques approved by the Concrete Institute of America.

Special Repairs

  • Rod Holes - We use a very effective method that is cosmetically appealing. The repair uses Vulkem sealant and 3 corks.
  • Honeycomb - A Honeycomb occurs when the rocks in the concrete settle in one area, allowing water to pass through the wall. The repair uses a product that causes the minerals in the water to crystallize inside the rocks, after sealing the surface.
  • Beam pocket or Window - We will use the best possible technique to repair a leak that comes from these areas.

Structural Wall Repair - This is our specialty. We can repair any problem that involves the severe cracking or movement of wall and or footings under the wall.

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